Power Banks, Jumper Leads, Charge Station

Accessorize your Summer!

Summer is here! That means festivals, holidays, and trips to the beach. You don’t want to get left high and dry, so in this blog post we will talk you through some accessories that we can’t live without.


First, picture this: you’re coming home from a festival, dehydrated, tired, eager to get back into your own bed. You pull in to take a break. A short while later you try to restart your car, but lo and behold, the battery is dead. You pull out your phone to call for help, but even worse, your phone is dead too! So, what can you do in this situation?

Well, if you had a Mophie Powerstation GoRugged, this wouldn’t be an issue. With its unique design, this handy piece of tech includes 2 ports for charging, a high-power adjustable flashlight, and its own set of spark-proof jumper cables. That’s right, this handy little thing can not only charge 2 phones, but also jump start up to a full-sized truck!


What if you just want a pure power bank? We got you covered with the Baseus Magsafe 20W power bank. We all love Apple’s MagSafe technology on our iPhones, and this power bank has it all built in. For pure capacity however, the iMoshion 20,000W power bank can’t be beaten. That’s up to 6 full charges for your device!


Going for a long drive? Then we must mention the Baseus Big Energy car mount, with wireless charging. Simply hook it into a vent, or affix it to your dashboard, and this handy thing will hold your phone in place magnetically and charge it wirelessly as it does! Never miss a turn, keep your GPS on the whole way without losing any charge.


Don’t forget to keep those new iPhones and Samsung Galaxy’s safe with our wide selection of cases and tempered glasses, to fit any phone.

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