The growth in functionality and popularity of smartphones has replaced the need for certain everyday devices.

1. Maps/GPS

     The days of carrying around a printed map are gone, with every kind of map readily available on our smartphone, as well as the option to access offline maps if for any reason you can't access the internet or want to avoid any extra charges.

2. Watch

     With a clock on your smartphone, a watch has now become no more than a fashion statement or "glorified bracelet".

3. Computer

     Your smartphone now has the power of the computer, if not more, with that processing power now more portable than ever.

4. Camera

     The quality of a smartphone camera continues to rise, meaning it is as good as most digital cameras, eliminating the need to carry an extra camera. The fact that your phone is virtually alway with you means there is also less chance you will miss the perfect opportunity to take that perfect picture.

5. Torch

     What would we do without the torch on our phone? From random electricity blackouts to trying to find your keys in the dark, your phone torch is there for you.

6. Diary & Calendar

     Having a diary and calendar on your phone gets rid of the need to carry around a bulky diary and calculator. Even better, it reminds you of appointments and tasks to do!

7. MP3 Player/iPod

     Gone are the days that you needed a separate MP3 player and phone. Now you can store, download, stream and play music on your smartphone!

8. TV

     We now have the power to download and stream our favourite films and TV programmes and watch them on the go, with bigger and better quality phone screens making this option better than ever.

9. Mirror

     Just realised you may have something on your face and not a mirror in sight? Use the selfie camera on your phone to check your face and get rid of your paranoia and discomfort!

10. Weather Forecast

     As well as telling you the weather on the go, your phone can tell you the weather forecast for anywhere in the world!

11. Alarm Clock

     The days of conventional alarm clocks are behind us, with phones now even giving you the option to have repeat alarm clocks to be set for everyday, as well as a wide array of different apps and options to help you get the perfect nights sleep.

12. Calculator

     The calculators on our phone has made owning a conventional calculator virtually pointless, besides possibly for the retro factor.

13. Bank

     Banking on your phone has saved us having to wait in banking queues for hours to make a simple transfer.

14. Bus Timetables

     You always felt like bus timetables were more for decoration than actual information, especially seeing as buses rarely kept to them, but now they really are pointless. Your phone has made bus schedules more accessible than ever.

15. Notebook & Pen

     Remember carrying around a notebook and pen for those moments of inspiration? With notes on your phone you can write to your heart’s content without the risk of a leaky pen ruining your stuff.

16. Remote Control

     Your smartphone isn’t just a universal remote for your TV and myriad set-top boxes. It’s a remote for everything. Your lights, your car, your thermostat, amongst many others, and the list is still increasing.

17. Photo Album

     Instead of having to carry around physical photos, we can now store thousands of photos on our phone, with the increasing memory sizes making this number higher all the time.

18. Radio

     As well as being a more convenient way of listening to the radio, the selection is also much higher, with virtually any radio station in the world being accessible on our phone. 

19. Newspaper

     When is the last time you bought a newspaper? Detailed news articles are now available at your fingertips, keeping you up to date with all of todays news stores.

20. Guitar Tuner

     Guitar tuners can be quite expensive to buy. However, with the amount of guitar tuner apps now available on your phone with the exact same functionality, it results in a serious saving.


Source: Evlin Kazancel,

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