Samsung Galaxy S8

     "Samsung has confirmed that Bixby Voice, the voice-control feature of it's very own voice-assistant and answer to Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri, will not be ready to launch with the Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus will launch in the US on 21 April, but Bixby Voice won't be available until later in the Spring.

     Bixby Voice is perhaps the headline feature of Samsung's new assistant, and will let you use your voice to perform everyday tasks such as sending emails, editing photos and placing calls. Samsung says that anything you can do with touch, you'll be able to do with your voice. 

     The South Korean tech giant said in an official statement: "Key features of Bixby, including Vision, Home and Reminder, will be available with the global launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 on 21 April. Bixby Voice will be available in the US on the Galaxy S8 later this spring."

     Bixby Vision is Samsung's augmented reality software, that will let you use the Galaxy S8's camera to point at things like buildings, for the phone to tell you what the building is and other interesting spots nearby. Home is essentially a pane of widgets and Reminder, as the name suggests, lets you set reminders. 

     Samsung's voice assistant has already been confirmed to be launching in just two languages: US English and Korean, meaning UK and European owners will need to wait for local language support. Samsung has yet to confirm when this will be."


Source: Max Langridge,

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