Pre-loved, massive savings.

Our Good Grade phones will certainly have some signs of wear and tear, but don't let that stop you! They are still tested to the same high standards as the rest of our phones, and are perfect internally.Although our Good Grade devices have certainly seen use, they still have plenty more to give. Combining a 1-year warranty with massive savings, how could you go wrong?


Standard Battery🌱

  • Good and Great condition: Battery capacity is at least 75%.
  • Excellent condition: Battery capacity is at least 80%.
  • Like New condition: Battery capacity is at least 90%.
In all cases, you can expect a full day or more of battery life. By choosing a standard battery, you're helping to reduce electronic waste by giving a perfectly usable battery a second life.

New Battery🔋

The battery capacity is at 100%. This means the battery has been replaced.

Please note

Shipping time is incrised by 2-3 working days when purchasing a new battery with your phone.

Samsung Fast Charging 1m Micro USB Cable

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