Phone & Device Repair Service Galway

We take pride in fixing your phones at Fonez. Our expert repair team will always make sure that you get your device fixed within as low as one hour at times. 

It can be tricky at times to get your device repaired. You don't want to get rid of it for too long and you want a trusted hand to take care of it (especially when the phone is in trouble). 

That's exactly what we do here. 

You can always use the "Get a Quote" button to receive a quote for your phone repair for free. Alternatively, you can also call our Galway Store here: 091 500 369 

Though we can take care of any repair needs in Galway, these are some of our most common services: 

  • Damaged or Cracked Screen
  • Home / Power Button Repair
  • Water Damage
  • Battery Problems
  • Speaker Problems
  • Microphone Problems
  • Won't Power On
  • No Signal / Reception

 Damaged Screen Repair

damaged screen repair galway

Screen damage can be of many types but the most common one would be breaking the glass. Fortunately, we got you covered at Fonez Galway with our as low as one our turnaround time to fix broken screens. 

Home or Power Button Repair

power button repair galway

Did your power button break? Does it not work anymore? Is it stuck? Whatever it is, we got you covered with our premium service. The expert team at our lab will ensure you get your "power back" in no time. 

Water Damage Repair

phone water damage repair galway

Water damage is one of the most common reasons behind the death of a phone or any device. We have had years of experience when it comes to dealing with water damage devices. Try to visit us or call us as soon as the "event" takes place and we will definitely bring your phone back to life. 
& More
Our phone & device repair service in Galway isn't limited to a particular 'service type'. Everyone has a different situation & we understand it perfectly. Simply give us a call to our Galway store or visit us at Corbett Court Shopping Mall,  Williamsgate St. 
We are waiting for you here.